1Z, Is There a Map for That?

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Our Question no. 76 (Competition 100 Questions/ Prizes announced here) tonight is:


Are there new tools for real estate professionals to facilitate connection with prospective clients?

If we are talking about maps, let me tell you that there has been a huge development in the area of maps that took place since internet started. It went through various phases, and Image result for liquid galaxy interactive mappingit is still growing and adjusting to the needs of people, as well as to the futuristic projects that made it unavoidable  not to use the online mapping, or the mapping technology in the large sense.

Google’s My Maps, BatchGeo, Leaflet, & others can help realtors to create custom maps for favorite areas, walking tours, or comparing listings, which is great for any new prospects.

Sometimes, it is not easy to handle online programs, but most of the new technology now uses simple tools, Image result for mapping technologyor even similar ones in many cases. Probably the name, color, or design of the site would be the only difference. 😆

Real estate professionals can take advantage of data that more and more municipalities are making publicly available about city services.

Mapping provides an opportunity to prospect in smarter ways, using too.s such as Smart Zip, which helps you to predict who in a neighborhood is most likely to need real estate services soon.

Image result for mapping technology
Image result for screen of world mapMapping technology can also answer complex questions about their communities. What if you want to know the specific locations in your community where a particular retail store
will thrive based on socioeconomic factors and product demand?

In brief, as the promise of big data to power decision-making pushes ahead, the potential for mapping out large amounts of information in a way your clients can appreciate visually will similarly expand. Coz remember, it’s about location, location, & location.

May be it’s time to take a short break, and come back soon. Until then, kisses & hugs ❤



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