Is Happiness a Mirage, 1Z?

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Now my dear 1Zumba friend, let’s talk about something that we all think that we know. Let’s talk about “Happiness”.

What is happiness for you? How do you know when you’re happy? Is there many things that give you this kind of Image result for happy familyfeeling? Is it a negative thinking to say that happiness is an unattainable bogus, that man invented to relax his mind from all the pressures around her/him?

Most dictionaries will go on describing the state of happiness as some kind of heavenly feeling. It would tell you that although it is an inside feeling, but it comes from some external factors. For example, you read a book, and some funny phrase would make you really laugh out loud. It makes you happy, may be very happy coz right before that you had a fight with your sister.Describing the happiness feeling is a bit complicated, coz it involves other sentiments as well as other stimuli, but what we are concerned about here is did you find happiness? 

People say they did. Some found happiness in helping others. Some got excited by certain things and thought that that was happiness. Even some considered drugs were source of happiness for them.

There was no solid agreement however on what happiness exactly was, which completely made sense since people are completely diversified.I have just had a fight with my daughter, or let’s say an argument. I didn’t like it, and she neither. We, both, became unhappy. Can we be happy or content as we were before that action took place. Yes, we would, but it would be another kind of happiness, not the exact happiness that we had before that happening. 😛

One reason we have so much trouble attaining happiness is that we don’t even know what it is. We keep trying to annihilate anxiety and other disturbances, but happiness has more to do with broadening your perspective.

Probably we should talk some more, after this short break..Until then, give me your biggest hug ever ❤


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