From Life, 1Zumba!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I attended a fantastic 1Zumba class. It was full of energy. A dear friend reminded me of things I used to say to him, to my students, and to others. It was brief chat, yet it cleared my mind 😉

So my thanks for him, and for everyone who takes the time to argue with me, or chat with me, about things I said or claim that it should be there. I think, by now, you know how to reach me; all of you. 🙂

Our question no.77 /  100 Question Competition is here:


Our good news today is that our new eBook “Novel  Pieces” officially appeared online. It is quite interesting book for TV episodes, which most of the time lacks the reality of life. It brings to you situations from our real life, where we have frustrations, inspirations, or consultations.

cover-from-lifeIt lights up the path for our new generations, who tend to be impatient, although they sound older than their age,  due to all this amounts of knowledge, it kept pouring into their brains all the time, through our media or our cell phones.

The book is simple, so that it can be read by all ages. In addition, it gives a chance for our friends and readers from other countries to read and learn about how we handle locally There is nothing more beautiful than laughter.  It makes every face gorgeous. - Eve.: our daily lives. It honestly conveys the right picture for situations, we are exposed to on a daily basis, and  their solutions in case there was some perplexity.

In the meantime, the “Novel Pieces: From Life” gives us the smile and the laugh about happenings that could be fun and entertaining.

It is an original work, and I took its published cover photo during a trip to the SF Bay area with my students this summer.

I wish that you would all like it, and if you can send me your feedback, or leave your comments and names, I’d greatly appreciate it.

We will conclude our session for now, then we will come back to you with more news. Our hugs & kisses as usual for all of you. ❤


7 thoughts on “From Life, 1Zumba!

    1. Thank you for your comments Miriam. Yes, you should do any kind of physical fitness at least once/twice a week. I used to have it 3 times/week, but now due to work, it went down to one, however I’m working in getting back to how it was before soon. 😑✨

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