Good times, come soon, you’re a dear one! Be what you want to be! 😉 Welcome back dear friends form everywhere: the US, Saudi Arabia, India, and Trinidad and Tobago 😉 It is what it is. No, it shouldn’t be like this! Bryan scolded Sue coz she was helping the customers, but it was few minutes after … More Vexatious!

YouTube Shooting?

More shooting! This time is at YouTube, and the reason is still unknown! 😉 Thanks for coming to our pages friends from the US, the UK, Uganda, Italy, Armenia, Portugal, Tunisia, Russia, Brazil, Serbia, Germany, Georgia, and India  😉             It’s not easy to find a map for all countries of … More YouTube Shooting?

From Life, 1Zumba!

Hello everyone from everywhere! Yesterday I attended a fantastic 1Zumba class. It was full of energy. A dear friend reminded me of things I used to say to him, to my students, and to others. It was a brief chat, yet it cleared up my mind 😉 My thanks go for him, and for everyone … More From Life, 1Zumba!