1Zumba, Who Cares?!

Thank you dear friends and readers from everywhere, especially from the US, Canada, South Korea, Paraguay, the UK, n Sweden šŸ˜‰

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose which subject to talk about for the day; but you know what? When we try to consider in our selection what the people will like or dislike, it’s not working right.Ā 

What works the best for us is just to go with what we think it is the right thing; something in simple language, direct, and serves the people who are reading it, even if the service is just for entertainment, it’s still a huge achievement.

Some would agree, and some wouldn’t. This is normal. It’s hard to satisfy everyone, but if you succeed to make the majority semi-happy, this would be a triumph.

1Zumba friend, I know what you’re saying: “Who cares?! Are you kidding yourself?!” šŸ˜€

“I’m sorry that you feel this way, what is it? Why are you so down?”, I replied.

Image result for poor peopleShe said: “Look around you. See how miserable people are. They are torn apart, and all what they want is a simple happy life. Even that much, they can’t get”.

“Well, it seems that, it’s not your day. Tomorrow will be a better day, when we come together, and say what we want to say.” šŸ˜³

Another 1Zumba friend: “Stop bugging her about her feelings, it has nothing to do with being realistic and taking a stand!” :mrgreen:

“Oh, Jack! Did you hear what she has just said? Who cares!” I continued, “and she never says such a thing, unless something huge has happened.” šŸ˜”

Both said: Ā “Sorry, we have to go! Who cares!”

Although I didn’t like the whole situation, but I kept thinking about it the whole day. It was an implied message, and I had to decipher it! šŸ˜”

Before saying “good bye” for now, we would like to invite everyone everywhere to join us in an interview that would go under the 7000 Superstar tap, on our site. If you are interested, pls contact us soon. Kisses & hugs for everyone ā¤


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