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My gratitude and appreciation go to each one of you who are reading our words, from the US, Mexico, South Africa, Croatia, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, France, Spain, UK, Canada, or anywhere else 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, you wouldn’t believe it! But it is true, we miss you so much. Our only hope is that you’re thinking of us, the way we’re thinking of you 😉

Many things to be said, many new stories to be told. Wow! This world never sleep, right? If we are asleep on one side of the globe, the other side is awake. While our batteries being charged, the other ones are working, n so on! What an Amazing world!

Patty’s asking few Real Estate questions, then we’ll talk about Robin & relationships:

≈  In what document a “Safety Clause” found?
≈  The remedy of unlawful detainer would be used by the offended (who)?
≈  The recording of the lease is usually paid for by the?
Answers are by the end of our post 🙂  Check it up. It’s useful to know this kind of knowledge 😉

Now answering our friend Robin, I would say:

not anymoreIt is flattering to see younger women are competing with you, over someone else. When the guys look at other women in a certain way, you would certainly know that there is something missing that you don’t have. It works the other way around too. When you find yourself looking at someone else other than your boyfriend, or your husband, just know that there is something missing in your relationship, and that is why you are drawn to that other person involuntarily.

jlWell, it happens, and there is no shame about it. It’s not intentional, and certainly it’s not a betrayal. But it would give you a big question mark, to start thinking seriously about your relationship. Wooh! To that extent? Yes, my 1Zumba friend, coz some people spend years of their lives, living with others, then all of sudden, they would get it. Simply, they are not happy, no matter how long it would take them to discover that. It could take five, seven, fourteen, or even more!

Do you remember “Mrs Doubtfire”? This memorable movie addressed some issues related to marriage or relationships, although we didn’t know where happened to that handsome rich guy “Stu” (Pierce Brosnan).

Try to be mature and always act for the better. If your partner expressed her/his/hx unhappiness being with you, pls swallow your pride, and leave or ask her to leave; of course after talking in details about it. It is no shame not to continue in a relationship, the shame is that you would wait until you are in your forties or fifties, and then start to think about it. Love your self. You deserve better than that 😉

skwlkYou do not want to live with someone who feels like this, coz you would feel unsecured all the time, you would be waiting for that moment when he would say it to you boldly “I’m leaving, sorry”. Emotions are changeable. It is a fact, even among those who were married for forty or fifty years. The important part is how the change would be affecting you. If your life is going to be miserable and drama, just stay away from that immediately. Don’t we have already enough dramas in our lives. You don’t want to be like someone who sky-walks, do you?

The bottom line is, if you felt too jealous or had that look for others, or if your partner did, do something about it, coz it means there is something wrong. However, if you were able to completely overcome that feeling, or kill it, it would be great, coz you would be acting like a hell of 1Zumba Killer 😉

Love you all, until we talk again, read our announcement, n other hot stuff, haha  🙂
Talk to you again soon 😉



Answers for Petty’s Real Estate Corner:
1- ≈ In the listing contract/agreement
2- ≈ Lessor
3- ≈ Lessee

Your Smart Links for money matters Joe:
– http://time.com/money/
– http://www.msn.com/en-us/money

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