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Mercy is good!
Teens shouldn’t use drugs or alcohol PERIOD.

Was he drinking?

Teens should not have any access to drugs or alcohol. It will only lead to having sex and might end up with a child, which is a big responsibility teenagers aren’t ready for. Most teenagers who drink, smoke, or do drugs end up having sex because most of them don’t know better.

“Many of my friends”, Raol said, “have talked about how they were using drugs or drinking and every similar story ended up with something that had to do with cops or getting in trouble. Not only do those teenagers put their lives in danger, but they put the lives of those around them in danger as well”.

hs1There are many girls nowadays in high school who are pregnant, and most of them will confess to have used drugs and or alcohol before having sex. Wilson Compton, a physician and director on Drug Abuse, has researched this subject and found out that:

“risky drug use was more likely to be followed by risky sexual activity than the other way around. Teenagers are more likely to have sex after drug use because by that time they are not fully aware of what’s going on and they are in no condition to make good decisions.”

This is a quite important subject, for the whole community, so if you have high school children, be aware of what is going on in their lives. Keep a close eye on everything they are doing, no matter what they say. Follow up with their school continuously. It’s a job you have to do, just until they are graduated from high school, coz this is a very critical phase in their lives. Good Luck  and have mercy on our teens 🙂

Another humane video I have come through, that made me feel, we are still have many good people, see for yourself: (your comments would be appreciated)

Today afternoon, I have been downtown Walnut Creek, CA, and it has been amazingly crazy in a good way; very busy streets, people are walking everywhere, which is nice. I don’t see this where I live. It could have been 77 F, when a handsome gentleman has approached me asking if I would like to appear on TV.


He was pointing at a white van, with Channel 4 TV written on it in large letters, with some equipment at its door, and a wide smile on his lips. I was in a hurry, but I said Ok, after I asked for what. He said for Channel 4, a short story about allergy from the weather. It went on for a couple of minutes, but the weather was really fantastic, so in my mind, it was a kind of weird. That terrific weather nobody would ever complain about it, so what exactly  we were talking about? Haha!

Actually, it has been a bit hot. I got so thirsty, and once I was home, I gulped two glasses of cold orange juice in no time. Dear 1Zumba friend, you wouldn’t imagine how absolutely luscious they were. I said OMG. Nothing could ever be compared to that feeling! Ah! My 1Zumba friend 😉

We have to say good bye for now, coz there is a ton of papers need to be corrected, so until we talk again about a new event coming soon, remember we love you all, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, we love everyone. We are all humans 😉
Useful Links:
Alcohol & drug abuse: https://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/alcohol
http://thenationalcampaign.org/resource/teen-pregnancy-and-high-school-dropout  . http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/teen-faked-pregnancy-article1.1428828 

4 thoughts on “Ah! My 1Zumba!

  1. I have a teenage daughter who is responsible but the temptations are still there and as a mother I will probably always wory about three issues. All I can do is guide her and educate her.. The choices then are hers.


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