1Zumba, Still Kissing!

ks1Happy Valentine’s Day 2016 for all of you. Everyone is in good mood I hope today, having some love from here or there 😉

Welcome dear new visitors and friends from the US, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Australia, Spain, Finland, UK, Mexico, Netherlands, Egypt, Canada, n Romania 😉

Welcome our current readers and followers from everywhere, we dearly love you all 🙂

Since today is a love day may be to continue talking about kisses is such a good idea. It would fit perfectly in today’s occasion. In fact when I was lying down yesterday, I thought about it, wondering if someone did not have anyone to kiss in that love day, what should she/he do?  Then, I had that amazingly funny idea, which kept me laughing. Sure I can share it, but remember it’s gonna be my invention, and patent would be filed under my name, unless you’re interested to by my rights 🙂

ksOur dear 1Zumba friends, before we go any further, I like you to read these lines:

Kiss my heart kiss my soul
Not my lips nor my tole,
Kiss my spirit kiss my joy,
Not my hand nor my toy!…..

If you like to use it in your song, it is an original poem, let me know, I’ll give you the rest of it jazzy@1Zumba.com 🙂

Kissing is great for babies, by the way, coz it makes them more self-confident. For adults and seniors, it reflects warm feelings, and gives comfort. It doesn’t have to be connected to sexual desires all the time. It has too many other important effects on the human health. You can read more through the links mentioned below.

Do you remember the movie of the First Knight (1995)?

This scene specifically, in which a man was willing to pay his life for one kiss:

Crazy? Not really coz he was deeply in love, or he was insane, haha!

Back to my cute invention, let me have this picture, probably, it would be enough, rather than going through the details. It could be funny for some, it could give a smile for others, who knows? Different people have different reactions. For me, it is creativity, it is nice to come up with something new from time to time. This machine or vending machine is an idea. Only business people can assess if it could be of real profit or not. Here it is:

Kiss Robot

It is so witty and amusing for me, coz it made me laugh the whole night. I hope you too could get some laughs out of it. As for now, excuse me to continue in my project, or Oh! I remember 1Zumba, I’m still kissing 😉

Indeed today  is a perfect day for love, here in California. The weather is unbelievable warm sunny with a touch of breeze. Until we talk to you again, remember our words, remember our topics, and send more comments. We enjoy reading more emails!  Let’s talk about another fun topic, keep updated 😉50% Off Select Filtration SystemsShop Few Moda

Until we talk again, stick to our posts if you wish to get inspired, with our hugs and kisses

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