1Zumba Kiss

Welcome everyone! I’m glad to talk to all of you today. Our current and new friends from the US, Russia, Spain, Brazil, CuraÇao, UK, Puerto RicoMexico, n  Philippines 😉

Dear 1Zumba friends, we know that some of you we haven’t seen face-to-face, but still we love you all, and we are your friends, who will welcome you every day- day or night 😉  So never be surprised that we talk to you about everything you would like to know; never be surprised that we will answer your questions ASAP. We try to be your best friend 😉

inv2Sometimes, life is simple, in our eyes; and other times, it seems too complicated. In all cases, we have to deal with it, the way it presents itself to us. We can’t fight it or defy it. We can only act according to what we are destined to, coz this is the basic nature of our life. We think that we take decisions, and choose our ways, but the truth is we cannot change a single bit of our journey. Try this test, can you decide what time exactly you would wake up tomorrow? The very first answer that may come to your mind, is “Yes”. “I have my alarm clock, and I can choose the exact timing to wake up”, but how about if you didn’t wake up at all!!

Too gloomy?  Why? Isn’t this the truth? Ok. Let’s have another simple example. Can you decide when exactly you would feel hungry, any day of your life? Can you decide exactly when you would have an urge to go to the bathroom?  The truth is  “No”. So pls humble yourself, and say “Thank You” to your Creator!

Why am I saying this? Coz some people life laugh at them, make them busy with materialistic things, and have them forget about their spiritual existence. This may also answer the questions I received from J. Walton, and B. Campbell.

Our fun stuff today is a love song that kept playing in my ears since I wake up this morning, and I guess it is meant to be shared with all of you. I hope you’d like it:

For Maria and John, here’s some more ways for making some extra cash:

  1. Walk dogs.
  2. Dumpster-Dive on College Campuses
  3. Resell thrift store items
  4. Tutor kids
  5. Odd jobs on Craigslist
  6. Garden works
  7. Moving help
  8. Laundry help
  9. Babysitting
  10. Additional links are provided below. Wish you good luck guys.


Thank you for being with us today and everyday. It means a lot for us! We wish you all the best in everything you’re doing, and until tomorrow, have a 1Zumba Kiss 😉

Probably, we will talk more about it tomorrow 😉


Links for making extra money:

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