Fashionable Wedding Dress!

Choosing your business is hard but if you like it, you’ll rationalize with yourself! ūüėČ Fashion is not for everyone. Not all of it will fit the body or the style of everyone. Therefore, you need to ask yourself before buying a dress if it is the right one for you. Your daughter’s best friend … More Fashionable Wedding Dress!

Anela, Bosnia & Herzegovina¬≤ SuperStar 1Zumba!

I can’t believe it! First, thank you for visiting our words today; especially our friends from the US, Philippines, Spain, n New Zealand. ūüėČ My dear 1Zumba friend, where are you? ¬†Long time no see you, haha! Just kidding! Probably we’ll see you this week. I hope to find you in the best mood ever … More Anela, Bosnia & Herzegovina¬≤ SuperStar 1Zumba!

Embarrassing, Not The Light Painting, 1Z!

Dear readers everywhere, thank you for visiting our pages. We have a lot of wonderful topics. Our special appreciation goes for the US, France, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, n South Africa ūüėČ You know, sometimes it’s just happen to be uncertain which way you should take. Similar to going to a … More Embarrassing, Not The Light Painting, 1Z!

Tatjana, 1Zumba Croatia!

Thank you for coming to our world. Welcome our followers, readers, friends, bloggers, writers, we are really glad that you continue visiting and sharing your thoughts with us, especially from the US, Portugal, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK, Spain, Vietnam, Hong Kong SAR China, Australia, n Croatia ūüėČ We have a new interview with a … More Tatjana, 1Zumba Croatia!

1Zumba, Am I?

The US, Lithuania, India, & the UK, ¬†a big clapping,¬†from our team, n welcome to our pages. New readers or current ones, you are in the right place (y) Last year we celebrated the Halloween, and we dedicated our post for the Halloween occasion. Today, we will talk a bit about the Halloween, since tomorrow … More 1Zumba, Am I?


…… but almost with each single magician, there is a very interesting hidden story, and you’ve got to dig dee………………………… … More Magic!