Unexpected Weirdo!

Dear readers  & friends, welcome to our pages today & everyday. We appreciate your time, and we’re happy to have new friends from the US, Vietnam, South Korea, Austria, n Italy 😉

Mondays are great, full of energy n enthusiasm to start a new week. How are you my 1Zumba friend, I heard of what happened, and I’m glad that you liked it. Positive spirit is always attracted to similar one. 😉

What makes you happy could be meaningless for someone else! This is what Tammy said to our 1Zumba friend, Chan, when he asked her if she was happy when they drove together by night to LA that last weekend. 

Now Chan is asking why Tammy was not happy to spend time with him, travelling for almost two hours by night, listening to nice radio songs, talking about many subjects, and kind of flirting with each other.

Personally, I have no clue, coz I neither knew you, nor her. It’s hard for me from one message to do so. Everything we do, it usually has a background basis, which is missing for me in this story. I need more details to try to figure out what went wrong, or at least what kind of relationship you both have.

Let’s have our Question for today. Question no. 18 of our 100 Qs Competition:


We have several interviews coming soon; some with our members, others with Zins, movie stars, or more. Just be ready to hear from more superstars soon.

Very funny situation happened to Luis, 1Zumba follower, yesterday. He said, after abandoning eating junk food for some time, he decided to get a hamburger from In & Out yesterday. It was mid-day, and the line was so long so they kept the doors opened. 

Anyway, while he was waiting in the line, he felt a bump in his hips, he thought someone by accident hit his lower back, and turned around he saw a young boy with his mom having her right arm on his right shoulder, kind of waiting behind him. Luis smiled saying “Hey ther” then he gave his order, n sat waiting for it. Then he saw the weirdest thing from that kid

The mother or the adult who was with him dragging him away, while he was pinching every one adult in the sensitive area of her/his body. Luis said the boy stretched his arm out, and kind of squeezing the “A..” of  the ladies and the men, who were making a line waiting for their turns. 😳

That adult couldn’t control his hand, but kept saying things in Spanish, n of course she was so embarrassed of what happened, but she didn’t apologize for any of the folks, who were hurt in that sensitive spot of their bodies.

OMG, what a situation!  When he told us that story, in our office, the whole team went to a hilarious laugh, & I, myself, couldn’t  help but to laugh 😆 In addition to the unbelievable comments on that situations, which I wouldn’t repeat them here. But you can use your imagination on how it went 🙂

Is this a sexual harassment situation? I really don’t know how to classify that action. Probably, he was mentally challenged.

Well, the time is tight, and  we’ve got to do something great n ultimately benefit every n each one of you.  Millions could be invested in very profitable projects; it’s just a matter of time & timing. So, therefore, we have to say what?

We have to say goodbye now. Too many complicated matters are waiting for some kind of solution. So until we talk again, here’s a big hug! Remember, we love you ❤

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