1Zumba, Watch Ur Sole!

Hello our friends! Hello our readers from everywhere in our beautiful world! Thank you for coming today, n especially our new ones from the US, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, & Japan 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, I always think of you. It’s the truth. You are unquestionably prevailing my thoughts in many occasions. Probably it’s the same with you, or  should I say, I’m sure it’s the same with you, Hmm! 😉


We all know Cinderella, and her glass shoes. Have you every thought of how it would feel to wear a pair of  glass shoes in reality? 😀

“Running and walking are among the purest, most natural forms of exercise around. With newfangled innovations like Freon-filled midsoles and pump-it-up tongues, it’s knowing which shoes to buy that seems to require an advanced degree.”

1Z-WatchYsole.jpgAmanda, 1Zumba friend, sent us that message: “It is indeed that shoes are very important to everyone’s life. Shoes are like the protective layer of feet from any harmful elements. But when it comes to children, equipping shoes on their feet can help them run and exercise effectively. 🙂

Therefore, having a good healthy pair of shoes is very essential for kids. We all know that children love to frolic around, so a good pair of shoes will be great. Moreover, children’s feet is very susceptible and grow up fast, so it very important for parents to pay heed when it comes to choosing the right shoes.”

If you really love your kid, you wouldn’t think of how much the right shoes would cost. I know that some people are very limited on budget, when it comes to buy their kids’ clothing or shoes, but you have to find a way, to get your kid the right sole, in order, in the future, not to have serious health issues for your kids. Even if this means that she/he will get only one shoes in a whole year, this will be better than having 5 shoes which are all bad for his tiny feet. :mrgreen:

The best materials for the child’s shoes are the NATURAL ones, such as canvas or leather. Each of these materials allows for the child’s feet to breathe by preventing moisture and circulating air within the shoe, while at the same time offering protection for the feet from the outside. This protective inside allows the child to play and toddle all day without having blisters, smelly feet or feeling any discomfort. Also, the shoes made from natural materials are moldable and will expand with the changes of the foot throughout the day.
😕 😯

“Plastic and synthetic materials do not have these properties. Therefore, these materials prevent the child’s tiny feet from breathing, as the shoes hold in the moisture, create sores and blisters and encourage bacterial growth. “

This is the part of the shoe that comes in contact with the ground. It is often made of rubber and provides for traction and some degree of shock absorption. It can be sewn, cemented or integrated with the midsole. 😮

Remember that the heel strikes the ground at approximately a 16° angle, lateral from the center of the heel.  The force is then transmitted from the sole of the shoe, up the lateral column of the foot and across to the first metatarsal for propulsion (add link see mondays post here for more on progressional forces).  This can be assisted by a “rocker” which is a “drop” put into the front portion of a shoe, to ease walking and assist in toe off (more on this in  another post). 😕


A flare to the sole of the shoe (usually at the rear, medial or lateral), can be important for stability on uneven surfaces, by providing a bigger “footprint” or surface area contacting the ground (much like Dr Allen’s new Dodge truck).  

  • It’s important to use the right shoes for the right action, you can’t use your work shoes for your workout, or vice versa, unless you’re a trainer, haha!
  • Know your feet, some of us need very special sole to feel comfortable while walking, especially flat-foot guys.

Brands: What do you think brands are all about? Basically, it’s all about sales. This is the bottom-line. Do not go after brands, not for yourself, not for your kids, when it comes to your feet comfort. Unless, any of these brands produce the right healthy shoes for your feet, do not approach it, period. 😡

Be firm with yourself and with your kids, coz sometimes, they would not understand why you prefer such shoes for them over another ones. I know that life is full of other things to take care of, but this is SO important, I can’t stress enough how important this is, but if you make your own research, you’d find what I’m telling you is the truth.

Billions and billions of dollars are gained in profits  by companies which sell cheap shoes for our market,  they only care for the billions they make, not for your health.

Many of you do not know the consequences of using some of these poorly made shoes. They are poor coz of their harmful materials. They are made of the worst kinds of plastics. Why would you use some plastic that would harm your feet, back, & spine? Why would you risk getting an incurable disease? Why would you hurt yourself or your children, in order to save few bucks here or there. 😛

So always ask yourself: “Am I wearing the right sole?” And if the answer was “No”, just know that you’re hurting yourself, n that on the long run, this would be affecting your entire health. 

Did we say enough about your sole today? Amanda, 1Zumba friend, I hope our post conveys your message to all our readers everywhere, and they would start caring about your their healthy bodies more n more. Thank you 🙂

We’ll take a break for now, and we will return to you with more fun subject to chat about, so, until then, here’s my kisses ❤



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