1Zumba USA!!

Thank you for being with us today. It’s a pleasure to have you all the current and the new readers from the US, Canada, Israel, Australia, Russia, n Italy 😉

Today, we introduce one of our group members. The group is called 1ZumbaCircles on FB.

She is from the USA, n she’s full of life n energy. You can feel it even in her words, the way how enthusiastic she is for our group, for her dreams, for her future plans; in everything she is saying to us today, you would feel the flames.

First our today’s question no 30 is as follows for our word games addicts, like me, ha ha! 😆


Now allow me to present Valentina-Rachel 

1- How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Greetings All! My name is Rachel Valentina Nghiwete and I’m a USA based Health and Wellness Consultant and a Global Health Specialist. I teach 1Zumba part of my business.

2- What kind of interest do you have? What’s ur dream?


My dream is to operate a successful and growing Health, Wellness and Dance Fitness Business. I currently operate my Dance Fitness Studio and run a Health and Wellness Company in the Washington, DC area, USA.

3- Do u have a message for others, you always like to give?

Be true and consistent and you shall persevere. Whatever dreams you have, be true to those dreams. Be consistent by working the dream and watch the dream manifest itself and become a reality (results of perseverance).

4- Do you like indoor or outdoor activities? Why?

My favorite indoor and outdoor activity is dancing. I dance to anything and everything, under any weather conditions and anywhere, just name the place and time and you will see me there 🙂. I also enjoy playing soccer, indoors and outdoors. I enjoy teaching group fitness classes. I’m a physically active person and enjoy being on the move, whether indoors or outdoors.

5- What’s ur favorite color?

My favorite color is Silver, followed by Red and Black.

6- Would u live in another country?

Yes I would. ideally, I would like to avoid the USA cold weather by living in the USA when the weather is warm and then living in another country when it’s cold and then come back when it’s warm again… Living according to the weather. So ideally, I would love to live in the USA and Africa equally.

7- What do u wish to see?

I want to travel more and see the world.

8- Who would u recommend to have an interview with us (from friends, family, acquaintance, or other)?

I can’t think of anybody right now. But will share once I do….

  1. Please include the link to my website:

    For more information about me and what I do, please visit http://www.chezadance.com or follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/chezadance

    ChezaDance Fitness Studio
    At ChezaDance Fitness Studio, we give the community we serve a heartfelt dance and fitness experience like no other! Our goal is to build a healthier and stronger community through innovative and enjoyable dance fitness programs. Cheza means to dance and have fun in Swahili. We live by our Cheza nam…
  2. As for picture, pick any picture you want from my profile pictures. Just go to my profile pictures. I don’t know what kind of image you guys want. 

  3. Sure we will 🙂 Fantastic job. Thanks 🙂 Once it’s ready for publishing, we will send you the link (y)

    Ok cool, thanks!

    Now you all  see what I meant how awesomely energetic she is. I hope you enjoyed her company the way we all here did.

    Until we meet with a new face again, we will say keep on checking on our previous issues, i’m sure that u d find many of them need to be re read again.

    Any comment or question pls go ahead n tell us your thoughts. Ur feedback is absolutely appreciated.

    You are our friend forever. Love you guys more than you can ever imagine so remember us as we remember you 😉

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