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We have a new interview with a fabulous SuperStar from our FB group “1ZumbaCircles”.
10/19, 4:02pm
Sophie Essay
Hi Tatjana,
Snježana Sneki Krnjajić recommended you for an interview with 1Zumba.com. Pls let me know if you’re interested in talking about your business with us, as many of our members did, under the 7000 SuperStar tap: https://1zumba.com/1zumba-superstars/
10/19, 10:46pm
. Tatjana Prigl
I”m in ..count on me.
S- How would you introduce yourself to our members? – What line of business are you in? – How did you choose to work in this line? – What color do you like? – Where do you live? 🙂
T: In Ploče,near Dubrovnik where i live
T: My whole life just dealt with sport, so after the third child decided to find something that I enjoy, but not the gym.
2010 One of New Year’s resolutions was: try something new-Zumba. And that was it love at first smile of my instructor, my mentor.
After four years, her pregnancy was the turning point. I got licensed Zumba instructor, after a few months and Zumba Gold license.
From the city of Dubrovnik got EU funds for the project Zumba gold in homes for the elderly and disabled people.
From this year I have Zumba kids license and teach Zumba in primary school children aged 6-12 years.
I’m 48 years old, I’m surrounded by people I love, doing the job I adore and I think I’m the happiest person in the world 🙂
T: In real life I have a company that sells auto and motorcycle parts and I own the hotel Los Continentes in Costa Rica. I have three children, a son of 24 years, daughter 23, and second son of 16 years, a husband whom I love and who supports all my folly.
I live in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik in Croatia.
And I love a red color.
S: Great! It’s fantastic to hear how you enjoy what you’re doing.
– What is your utmost goal/dream?
– What places you like to visit? Why?
– What kind of message you like to tell others, or advice you like to have others know about it?
– Have you visited the US?
– What exactly attracted you to the Zumba? Is it the dancing, the fitness, the people you meet, or something else?
T: My great desire is to do a masterclass with Steve Boedt / Kass Martin, here in Dubrovnik .Of course I’d like to meet Beto, just to thank him.
I’ve traveled all over the world, but I’ve never been in America. I’d like to experience the sunrise in the Grand Canyon
Why? Because I wanted to feel this magnificent silence.
Life is so simple and you need to learn how to live each day like it’s your last day in life, you will learn how opportunities (all occasions) should be used .. the word – tomorrow doesn’t exist , if anything offered today just grab it. And smile…..It’s free….and make the world colorful rainbow colors 🙂
What exactly attracted you to the Zumba? Is it the dancing, the fitness, the people you meet, or something else?
Zumba is for me the freedom and joy …. Zumba is a world without borders, without racism, without rich and poor. My husband says that we as a sect. And I’m proud of it.I love all my zumba people. Fitness is like a bonus part….But the people I meet and get to know,and happiness – are priceless…..
– Have you experience any difficulties in your life?
– If Yes, what were they? And how did you overcome them?
-Your English is excellent, where did you study?
– If you choose another profession, what would it be? Why?
– Is there any specific movie that you like more than others?
– Who is your favorite actress/actor?

1z-croatiaTatjana Prigl
We all had difficult periods in life. 1991 began a bloody war in Croatia. I was pregnant (my first son, the first baby), and the days and nights I spent in the basement and heard the bombs falling on our house.
The husband was on the battlefield and did not know whether he is alive or dead. Then exile, and return again, again bombing … 1995.g finally peace.The worst part of my life
T: As I endured? I had two small babies (daughter born in 1993.) … And I had no time to despair and cry. Hope and only hope …
In Croatia, a foreign language (mostly English) teaches from kindergarten.
Other professions? I finished chemical school, I studied Technology, a whole life I wanted to be a sports physiotherapist.
– Unfortunately, life does not always go as you imagine.
The Bridges of Madison County is my favorite…. Message in a Bottle second one
-Meryl Streep the best actress in the world :like:
S: I’m very happy about your answers. It’s gonna be great interview
Pls feel free to share with other members your posts, and add your friends, and be active in our group, so that we can grant you one of our honorary certificates as well.
Good luck
We wish Tatjana Prigl all the best, and we thank her for sharing all these pleasant stories about her life and her family.
This is our new addition to our 7000 SuperStars, and this time it is 1Zumba Croatia!

Until we talk again, here’s my kisses & hugs. Stay cool & be good to each other, and remember to run through our other 7000 SuperStars


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