What Should You Do?

You would feel happier if you knew the sadness, and stronger if you went through difficulties! 😉 Thank you dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Singapore, Algeria, Philippines, the UK, China, Vietnam, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Romania, and Nigeria 😉

“Hey! What should you do when you feel that everything is going to the other direction, not the one that you wish to have?”, Matt asked me that question and I didn’t answer. I told him that I would give him an answer the following day. 

I kept thinking of all the situations in my life where I really felt shaky or scared of being unable to solve a problem that I had. It could be as small problem  as having a leak in my car or as big as getting ready for a test or taking a decision in a health condition.

Then I thought again about Matt’s question, I found out that he asked about several SophieDogissues at the same time and not only one. He stated “everything” which meant all aspects of life, not only one.

I thought that sure it could happen that, at any point of your life, you would feel everything around you was falling apart and that you might need a Godly action to get back your life together.

Then Sam came in, while I was thinking of an answer for Matt, and told me that he wasn’t able to control his dog, which went rowdy refusing to eat his dog food. It came to me that the solution for Matt’s question might be in being in control of his own life. However I was not sure of that answer. 

You can control what you eat and drink. You can control whom you spend time with. You can control how much effort you put into your career. You can control whether or not you proactively date. You can decide which city to live in.

And something magical happens when we take action: Doors open and opportunities come our way. Ask yourself everyday: What can I do today, right now, that is in line with the vision I have for my life? Remember that the future is created in the present moment. What we do today matters.

I told Sam to take it to the vet probably he was sick or there was something going on with him that we were not aware of. When Sam took the dog to the vet, he was told that the dog had an ear infection and that was the reason why he acted weird the way it was. The vet gave Hemmy, the dog, some antibiotic and sprayed his ear with some solution.

In the meantime I was still thinking of Matt who needed to take his dog (question) to the vet (someone to solve his issues). I know that he came to me, but I didn’t have the entire details of what “everything” represent.

In spite of that notion, which did not bring any solution for Matt’s question, I felt that Matt’s puzzle could be solved. How? By either telling him that he needed to give as many details as he could for me or for another one whom he trusted, in order to come up with an adequate answer for him. Because without knowing what was meant by the word “everything” no one could actually assist him.

Also he might be doing something wrong or giving himself excuses for not trying harder but again, how would you know about something that was given to you in a very vague way. The possibilities were endless. I mean it could be a career issue or a romantic story or others, right? Who knows?

because excuses limit and prevent us from growing personally and professionally.

Own your life; no one else will.

Maya went through many references and helped me to compose a long list of them to hand it over to Matt just in case he was interested in reading and finding the right path himself without giving details for his question.

Sometimes, reading is not enough though. Sometimes you need to speak to someone outside the circle you are in. If your family were part of your problem, you better take the opinion from outside your family who didn’t live inside the problem’s circle. The reason is that s/he could be unconsciously bias.

If the problems were related to your success in life, you’d need to focus on certain paths.


The only thing you can do is to remain authentic, improve and provide value every day, and know that the growing number of “haters” means that you are doing important things.

Also another factor in your life success is having an organized mind. Try to stay away from much noise. The noise can come from an unorganized room, desk, car, or life!SophieHolidayDecoration

Happy holidays for everyone, keep reading our previous thoughts, and until we chat again, here’s our hugs and kisses

What to do.

. Want to be successful.




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