Tangerine Diet!

Sometimes you think that you’re alone in this, but you are not! 😉 Thank you for coming to your pages and chatting with all of us a little bit: the US, France, India, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates 😉

Laura was visiting her son in Colorado and brought me some tiny souvenir. It was so nice of her to do that. Then she asked me about what I would do about losing weight if I were in her place. 

I wasn’t sure which diet I should advise her to follow coz I used a number of diets to Related imagekeep my weight standstill. Sometimes I feel over-weight, although I’m not as my son correcting me all the time.

However the fastest and the easiest ones I tried were the bananas and the tangerine. Although, previously we wrote about other methods.

So it was eating fruits and a lot of them. The tangerine diet was for one week or may be 10 days, and I lost a lot of weight, but I was walking at least 5000 steps a day along with this diet:

. Morning early breakfast: one banana with half glass of milk. 
. Noon time: 5 tangerines (sweet seedless) + one protein choice of meat (if you like) or some vegetables (any kind sauteed or raw up to you).
. Around 4 pm: 5 tangerines +Tea (or any other herbal drink you like) +1 cookie (the cookie has to be at the end). If you’re full after the tea, you don’t need to eat the cookie.
. Between 7-8 pm: 5 tangerines + a cup of hot drink + bowl of green salad (cucumber/tomatoes/lettuce- any combination you prefer).
. Drink a lot of water.SophieTangerine

You wouldn’t believe it, I lost almost 5 pounds each day. Peter, my neighbor, when he tried this diet he lost 75 pounds in one single week. It is unbelievable, but very effective. Unless you suffer from some health condition, you can try this diet. It is safe, and no chemicals and no hard choices.

I wish it work for you as it worked for many of my friends. Let us know if it worked for you too. 🙂

Until we bring you more diets with wonderful combinations, stick to our topics and look seriously for what you need, coz you’d find it there with our hugs and kisses

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