Unbeatable Beets!

You are fabulous and you want to leave some kind of history on Earth before leaving it, so did you find it?! 😉 Welcome back great people from everywhere: the US, Brazil, India, France, Turkey, Italy, South Africa, Laos, Indonesia,  Canada, Greece, Mexico, and Lithuania 😉

We are not sure what went wrong, but we have electricity outage for some reason which means that we will be very brief in our post.

Definitely you know the beets. You must have seen it sitting there in the Image result for beets interesting color factsSupermarket in its unique red color and its gorgeous green leaves coming out of one side.

My aunt used to just boil the beets, cut it into cubes after getting rid of its skin, add a little bit of salt and lemon, and just have it next to any meal she ate. Although beets have too many healthy elements to your body, but our interest today is focused on its ability to help you in losing weight.

The secret of its ability in making you losing weight is its fiber. Try it for few weeks in its various healthy recipes. If you found it working as many claim it did for them, pls share with us what works for you as well.

Don’t bother peeling beets before cooking because the skin is very difficult to remove when the beets are raw, but they’ll slip right off after they’recooked.

SophieBeetsIt was an unexpected number of beets recipes that you can never beat! Wow!

In addition to that beets have many interesting  stories. It has a long history and funny usage descriptions.

We have to stop here and to continue tomorrow. Until then, wish us good luck with our light problem, and check on our earliest topics, you’d find what you need with our hugs and kisses

. Facts of beets.

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