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So amazing when you listen to a number of famous people in the American history and the way they speak.

A good example is for one of our past first ladies: Mrs. Kennedy, how she spoke and how she sounded like European as some said.

One of my friends said that she spoke like Marilyn Monroe, I wonder if this is how other people hear Jackie Kennedy too or that it was only that friend who heard it that way?

 Some reporters described Mrs. Kennedy way of talking as elegant, would that mean that there is an elegant accent and a not elegant one?

Anyway, the reason we brought that up was another question we received regarding our post “Each Has An Accent”, where many questions were raised including, not limited to, why people want to give a name for every single way of talk or way of move? Why one any given language can take too many different ways  of pronunciation? Is there a nice accent and a bad accent? and others.

For students, whatever it is the way you speak, it is beautiful. It is a natural creation by the Creator that was given specially for you. It’s a blessing to be able to speak and to utter words in any language any way you want. Never think that you speak in a way less than others. Let others feel that you don’t care about their stupid comments, coz they are simply ignorant. Be proud of yourself the way you speak and let others see your pride (just don’t be arrogant), haha!

Sophie post

My nephew visited one in Indiana and the grandmother of his friend spoke in a very odd way although she was native American. Was that something bad? No, not at all.

Learning a language is not easy and mastering it is something even more enduring. Just think of why you need to use the language. You need the language to communicate with others around you. Therefore, language is  basically a method of communication. It lives so long as you speak it, and it dies if abandoned. That is why many people keep speaking their first language thinking that in a way they would preserve it and keep it from death.

Having a unique way of pronunciation should not make you ashamed. On the contrary it gives you uniqueness. If someone associated your pronunciation with your origin or where you came from, or where you used to live, just laugh, make it humorous. Feeling bad about your language will only bring misery to your life. And you don’t need more burdens. You are great the way you are.

This goes for any language, not only for English!

Until we talk again, keep looking at our beautiful topics and entertain your inspiration a little bit with our hugs and kisses



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