Time after Time!

  You have a lot of shopping to do, do you? Still buying gifts? You’re the best gift ever! šŸ˜‰ Being here with us friends from the US,Ā China, Germany, Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, India, Canada, Philippines, Germany, Ukraine, and the UK is our best gift! šŸ˜‰ Speakers of English as a second … More Time after Time!


Make your love to others defeat all evil; you can’t go wrong šŸ˜‰ Thank you and welcome our friends from everywhere: the US, Malaysia, India, Greece, Canada, China, Ukraine, Greece, and Vietnam šŸ˜‰ So amazing when you listen to a number of famous people in the American history and the way they speak. A good … More Accent!

Math Or Myth?

Indeed, we appreciate your visits. Keep coming back toĀ our new pages dear friends and readers from the US,Ā Indonesia, India, Mexico, Netherlands, turkey, Brazil, France, Australia, n the UK šŸ˜‰ There is always that claim that Math is more important than other school subjects. I’m not sure where this myth came from, but I assure you … More Math Or Myth?


Hello friends and readers from the US, Philippines, n Slovakia šŸ˜‰ Prepositions in English language are very tricky. Some of them need memorization. It’s the best solution when it comes to non-changeable rules. Practice is a second solution to familiarized yourself with all kinds of varieties you have.Ā  What are the prepositions in English? They … More Schmoozing!

Boom Boom!

Palaces are best not built in the thin air. That is an old saying, but our recent era proved otherwise. Why? Welcome our readers and friends from the US and New Zealand šŸ˜‰ I think some people when there’s a word that they do not understand, they automatically withdraw from your setting. Robert and Sam … More Boom Boom!

A Ghost Around!

Welcome everyone! Thank you friends and readers from the US, and AustraliaĀ šŸ˜‰ One night, Elf heard something at 2 am and woke up. He sat up in bed and listened. Someone was speaking in a quiet voice. It sounded like a child.. or may be a ghost. Elf was a 75 yrs old, and he … More A Ghost Around!

Each Has An Accent!

Welcome new friends and readers from everywhere. Thank you for your patience with our computers’ issues. Friends from the US, Hong Kong SAR China, France, Netherlands, Russia, n Canada, we send you our special greetings šŸ˜‰ My dear 1Zumba friend, there has been some talk among students about accents, and how should we deal with … More Each Has An Accent!