A Ghost Around!

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One night, Elf heard something at 2 am and woke up. He sat up in bed and listened. Someone was speaking in a quiet voice. It sounded like a child.. or may be a ghost.

Elf was a 75 yrs old, and he lived alone. he looked around his bedroom, There was nobody there.

“May be I was dreaming.” Elf thought. he went back to sleep.

The next night at 2 am Elf heard the quiet voice again. he sat up in bed and listened carefully. “Come and catch me, ” the voice said. It repeated the sentence five times. then it was silent. that night Elf lay awake for a long time.

For the next three months, Elf heard the quiet voice every night at 2 am. “Come and catch me” repeated itself for almost 10 seconds. Sometimes Elf got up and searched his place, but he never found anyone or anything. He began having trouble sleeping. some nights he didn’t sleep at all.

One day Elf’s daughter and his grandson came to visit. “Are you Ok, dad?!”, his daughter asked, coz Image result for senior drawinghe looked tired.

“I am tired,” he told her. He added that every night at 2 am a quiet voice wakes him up, saying “come & catch me”.

“I’m worried about you,” his daughter said. “I think you’re alone too much.” “Oh! My daughter thinks I am crazy”, Elf thought. “But I’m not crazy; the voice is real! It’s not a ghost-I don’t believe in ghosts. So who is speaking to me every night? This is a real mystery, and I’m going to solve it.”

The next day, Elf got his tape recorder ready, and at 2 am he recorded the quiet voice. then he played the recording for his daughter She immediately called the police. 

“Someone-or something- is in my father’s apartment!”, she told the police.

That night, two police officers came to Elf’s apartment. One police officer sat in the kitchen, and the other sat in the living room. Elf was in the bedroom. At 2 am , they all heard the quiet voice. “come & catch me, “it said.

“It’s in here!”, the police officer in the living room shouted. “It’s coming from the bookcase!”

Elf and the two police officers looked at the bookcase. At first, they saw only books . then they Related imageRelated image
spotted a plastic children’s watch on a low shelf in the bookcase. It was a Spider-Man’s watch, and in a quiet voice, it repeated a line from the movie Spider-Man: “Come & catch me.” It repeated the line five times. Then it was silent. Elf picked up the watch and looked at it. The alarm on the watch was set for 2 am.

“This is my grandson’s watch, Elf explained to the police officers. “He loved the movie Spider-Man, so my daughter bought him this watch a few months ago. I guess he left it here.

The following day Elf returned the watch to his grandson, who said that he was looking for it everywhere.

At last, Elf was able to have a good night sleep without a ghost around.

This was ranked no. 1 lesson in one of my classes, in one of the Central Coast Schools. The students enjoyed it, so did I.

Until we chat some more, here’s our kisses and hugs for all of you ❤SophieChannel NewYellos


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