Getting Another?!

Home is where I put my head and sleep! Home is any spot on our great Earth where I feel in peace with….but let’s first welcome our readers and friends from everywhere: the US, India, Mexico, Paraguay, Turkey, Australia, n New Zealand 😉

How nice to feel that you are going to meet with your friends and chat with them?! For me, it feels fabulous, and, I guess, you may sense the same directly or indirectly.

Your thoughts are like strings of pearls, gold, or diamonds. When someone is reading your Image result for strings of pearls in straight lineswords, it’s as if they are getting into your mind, into your strings, touching your precious pearls or diamonds, and probably borrowing them for few moments, or forever.

Your pearls or diamonds are going to be multiplied, when that happened. Reading is the key!

Kristen, my colleague, complained to me about a couple of clients, who showed ungratefulness, and she felt weird that they expressed that ingratitude openly without shame or care for her feelings.

She started with those two clients 3 months ago, when she bumped into the husband who was browsing the pictures of “Homes for Sale”, on our office windows, and she asked him if he Image result for paying moneyneeded any help. She was picking up her computer from her car, in her way back to the office. The guy welcomed the idea of getting into our office, having a seat, and listening to her explanation on how to save their rent, and buy a home instead. 😮

After he made it clear to Kristen that he didn’t have a home, although he and his wife were both working, and that they were paying almost $3000 in an apartment close from our office. She felt that it was good for them to pay that money towards home ownership, so she suggested to have a meeting with him & his wife, and the loan officer.

Kristen kept on going, giving me details about everything she did for that couple: emailing Related imagethem hundred times, calling them, scheduling appointments with the loan officers, until they got approved, showing them around properties everywhere in that area, so forth.

One day, the wife sent her an email, expressing her intention in getting another realtor to help them in that process, justifying that by giving a story about one of her friends, who described a fantastic way of dealing with clients, and that Kristen was not at that level.

Kristen explained to the wife that she had her daughter sick, and she left her to get them to Related imageshow the properties they expressed interest in, and that she re-schedule her whole day, in order to satisfy their needs, and to be completely available only for them on that day.

The wife called her, returning a call that Kristen tried to make, but got into an answer machine. She pastured her saying that it was her decision to leave her sick daughter, so there was no need to blame it on the wife, while, the truth was that Kristen was only trying to show them to what extent she was loyal and committed to their best interest. She didn’t mean that they were responsible for her decision, at all.

Then, the wife rudely continued that Kristen was pushing them to buy a home, which of course Image result for sick young girlwas non-sense. How could she do that, while she was the one who initiated for them all the help for the situation her husband complained about. It ended up that Kristen decided not to contact them again, unless they contact her. 

For three months, she was working with that couple, and she made  genuine efforts to satisfy their needs and to help them find their dream home, but there was another agenda waiting to happen, so I tried to calm her down, and at that moment, I remembered that another colleague of ours worked with a family for more than a whole year, and they ended up getting another agent, instead of her, to help them in the process. Therefore, I reminded Kristen of what had happened to Bertha, and how hard she worked and how it ended up dramatically.

At least her situation was only 3 months. It really sucks! However, the earlier the process stops the better, coz when it gets into the deeper  water, it might have major consequences. She smiled, and started saying jokes about how Bertha reacted to her issue. It was funny and fun to recall all those weird happenings, but, this is life 🙄

The bottom line it was not Kristen’s day. It happens to all of us, right? Only we need to remind ourselves that we need to be thankful for everything we have or don’t have.

Keep on reading, until we come back to you, with more chatting. Hugs & kisses ❤

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