Strings of Life!

Strings are never in the hands of humans, remember this to feel free! 😉 Great People, welcome back to your pages, friends from the US, India, Brazil, Croatia, the UK, Vietnam, South Africa, and Switzerland 😉

Many thoughts? Endless thoughts? 

It’s natural and continuous on a daily basis. You are like any other human beings have thoughts of your own. Nobody else has or ever will have the same thoughts you have!

Although you have this unique situation, yet other people may have similar thoughts not exactly the same, and it’s still amazing. Can you imagine all these threads or strings of thoughts coming to each person on Earth continuously from birth to death.

How extraordinary is this? Who can challenge this mighty power? Nobody!SophieThoughts 

Until we talk again, stay closer together looking into our topics, with our hugs and kisses ❤


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