Games’ Foundation!

People keep reaching out to people, no matter what media zombies do, you’re right! 😉 Welcome back dear friends from the US, Philippines, India, Brazil, Hong Kong SAR China, Laos, Serbia, and Ukraine 😉

After talking briefly about online games, Mike asked us about the steps in making an online game.

Building up games is a process like any other in order to reach the last phase for the player. You would need the foundation for your game, similar to your need for a foundation for your home. The stronger the foundation is, the more appealing your game will be. Consider the following steps in your foundation:

1- Genre? Yes the first thing you want to do is to narrow down the wide range of kinds that exist in the online games or video games. To keep your uniqueness in designing your game, you need to know if you want it to be classified as a puzzle Image result for steps on how to make an online gamegame, a racing game, or adventure game. Take a look at the games in the genre that you decide to belong to. If there is no other genre that your game can come under, it would be great, you can come up with a totally new genre!

Examples of genres are horror, comedy, shooting, adventures, etc.

2- Platform? Yes, you will choose your platform since each of them has its way of controlling the game. The PC platform will use the keyboard and the mouse, the smartphone will use touch-and-tilt-based. It is better to consider a specific control method for your game while you are designing it.

3- Your design on paper: at least one page describing the core of your game. Describe how the players will play your game. This will help you see if your game is Image result for steps on how to make an online gamefeasible or not. In other words, can your ideabecome a game, can your idea be seen as a .game?

4- Your philosophy behind your game: Simple statement that would shoe what kind of motive that you have for a player to play your game. Explain the purpose of your game and how it would help in creating a certain satisfactory goal for its players. Examples might be:

. The game will create challenges for players to overcome.
. The game will serve some language aspects to be developed while playing.
. The gave will serve learning geographical info for recent maps.

5-Your Features: Special characteristics that would set your game apart from others in the same genre. List your ideas and notions. Use your ideas in bruilding up action-driven sentences. Shoot for between 5-15 features. 10-15 features will be reasonable. For instance:

Idea: Building a home.
Feature: Building and managing a home out of certain components.

Idea: Planting flowers and vegetables.
Feature: Plantation and watering flowers and veggies.

Idea: Refreshing memory for seniors
Feature: Finding missing objects in a messy room.

It is very important to write down these features to feel the possibility of creating your game, and if it would serve the ideas you have in mind. Edit your ideas as many times as you wish. The more you think about it the more accurate and entertaining it would be for your players.

6- Sleep on it for few days. Just leave your papers alone for a week or so then take another look at it, and decide if it has what you want or not. In your heart, if you feel it is worthy of a shot, do it; if not, just try to think of another idea.

Next we will explain the method. Until then, keep diving deeper into out topics to find your real inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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