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Sleep! What a nice word! It’s, for you, a very important word, and it is for all of us too. Sleep is a basic part of your life. Without sleep you can end up dead. According to researchers, lab animals were dead after 32 days of sleep deprivation.


If you never go to sleep, you’ll end up having serious physical consequences such as heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, or others. After ten days of no sleep, you’ll end up dead. The maximum number of days a person lived without sleep was 11 days. Sleep deprivation can kill you so is not having enough sleep in the long run.

The Stages of Sleep When it comes to sleep most people have experienced those nights when you are in a deep sleep, nothing disturbs you, and you wake up feeling refreshed. Then there are those nights where you sleep lightly and get up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed. More

If you have a problem with sleep deprivation, it is good to cut down of your coffee or caffeine. Also it is advisable to eat more pro-sleep nutrients., such as bananas, almond, avocado, yogurt, dark chocolate, or others.

One more thing you need to do, each person is different in the amount of hours of sleep, not only that but also one person would change the sleep hours over his/her life-time. It makes sense that when you’re sick, you’d need more hours of sleep not like when you are healthy and normal. 

It’s really a wide subject and probably you need to know more about it in our coming posts. As for now, and until we chat again, stay away from caffeine and keep digging deeper into our topics to find what you’re wishing for, with our hugs and kisses

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