You want to look stunning all the time, you can do that only if you can adjust your mood all the time too! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, India, Vietnam, Georgia, Bangladesh, Ghana, and South Africa 😉


It’s great to have you all with us today and everyday. My friend, Bella, asked the team many questions regarding cosmetic products, more specifically about lipstick. 
Therefore, if you like to share your replies to Bella, this will be a great addition to our post. Here’s her questions:

. Who invented the lipstick? Why?
. What other names are given to lipstick?
. Is there a history for lipstick?
. Would you consider lipstick a world phenomenon/tradition?
. did Pharaohs use lipstick?
. Are there any side-effects for using lipstick products on a regular basis?
. What are the best recommended ones?

Until we chat again and answer Bella’s questions, stay cool with our topics and our hugs and kisses

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