Have you seen your muse today?! Coz I did 😉 Welcome back to us dear friends from the US, Moldova, the UK, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, France, Slovakia, Cameroon, Italy, and Jordan 😉

It’s really genius to have people laugh, coz that is what they need the most. I see people are moving like robots, many of them keep repeating what they do without thinking.

The reason is known for you. It’s called earning living!

Nobody is happy in her job. Everyone has a complaint about her/his duties. You complained to us too about your miserable life conditions. We assure you that we opened a fund to ask for donations for our shelter’s project- a shelter for homeless people in the Bay Area.

And you know how much we got so far? Only $5. Surprise surprise! 🙄

We’re still working on it. May be the word “donation” does not appear well in our post. May be you can’t donate coz you don’t have enough money.SophieLifeMonkeys

May be you’re asked to donate every single day you go to Starbucks, Safeway, TJMx, Marshall, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, who else? Every time you buy something, you’re prompted if you like to donate for this or that.

But these big retailers can donate part of their profits instead of asking low/moderate income people to pay an extra for them. Once for the bag, and a second for their claimed charity deeds.

If you can donate for homeless via our paypal, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, just enjoy ready our posts, and send your comments. Remember that paying it forward will come back to you!

The above-published picture is a shot that I took while taking a walk. The funny thing about it was that I saw monkeys jumping up and down in its branches. Hmm! Not for real. It just came to my mind that its branches looked like young baboons hanging down or upside down somehow. May be there’s an explanation for that, but I don’t know it yet.

Check it up for yourself and see if you can see what I saw. A puzzle, huh! 😮 Enjoy!

Until we talk again, with a big star in the world of music, just be ready and get closer to our topics with our hugs and kisses


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