Your Gifts!

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Briefly speaking, gifts sometimes are burden. You know why? Coz you need to buy something that your gift-receiver will like and will appreciate. Not only that but also it has to merge into your budget.

SophieGift.jpgIf you are financially aware of what is going on with your money, you’d probably feel that you’re spending too much just for the sake of complimenting important people in your life.

Family comes first, right? If yes, you’ll need to give a present for your mom twice a year: one for her BD and the other for mother’s day. Probably in Valentine’s you’ll give one to your husband, partner, a family member, or friends.

How many birthdays a year you need to attend or buy a present for? You need to have a budget for this. It does not have to be a big budget though. Some people even give the same present every year, but you don’t have to be this person.

Few people use flowers as birthday presents. Mugs are popular ones. There is always a mug for each person! LOL!

In father’s Day, you’ll buy a small present to your dad if he’s happy with anything you get him, and if not, you’d need to think deeper on what kind of present you should get him to satisfy his taste.

Your siblings and their kids also will be included on your list, even if you were not invited to attend their BDs, you’d still like to send them a gift-card every now and then.


Your work buddies sometimes make a big fuss over BDs. You have to choose if you will belong to the gift-giver side or the gift-receiver one.

Your friends, of course, will occupy part of your list; whether inviting them to dinner, or taking them to a show, or buying them some expensive tickets. It would all depend on your income and where you stand at in this relationship.

Wow! Quite complicated, isn’t it? 🙄

You put time, effort, and money in order to satisfy others, but your pursue can go the wrong way without any noticeable success. Then what is the best way to do it?

. When you give a gift you better mean it without any expected return. 
. Think of what will please your gift-receiver and what will make her/him happy, and within your limits at the same time.
. Say thank you for any gift others give you, and if you dislike it, you can donate it to someone else.

Buying a gift is a challenge in a way, but enjoyable one. Just try to plan it like any other process in your life, according to your time, and budget. You will not be disappointed. Giving a present is supposed to bring happiness and satisfaction to both of you and your gift-receiver.

Still, there is more. We’ll continue in this topic in another post. Until then, get your dose of inspiration by visiting our topics with our hugs and kisses

. How to Give.


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