Your Gifts!

What are you waiting for?! ūüėČ Dearest readers and friends from the US, India, Russia, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, the UK, Georgia, Serbia, Slovakia, Japan, and Armenia, welcome back and thank you for your comments ūüėČ Briefly speaking, gifts sometimes are burden. You know why? Coz you need to buy something that … More Your Gifts!

I’ll Tell You Why!

It could have formed¬†a stunning, fabulous, unbelievable movie, although it was all real: an extraordinary true story, and I’ll tell you why, but first, let me welcome my guests from all over the world, in particular, the ones from the US, Romania, & Russia¬†ūüėČ All elements of a glamorous story: great message with ridiculous luxuries, … More I’ll Tell You Why!