I’ll Tell You Why!

It could have formed a stunning, fabulous, unbelievable movie, although it was all real: an extraordinary true story, and I’ll tell you why, but first, let me welcome my guests from all over the world, in particular, the ones from the US, Romania, & Russia 😉

All elements of a glamorous story: great message with ridiculous luxuries, sparkling details (movie world), blends of genres, something NEW, goals of characters, LAVISH strong opening, more than one issue to solve, story-line, and a theme full of glimmer of excitement!

The characters of the story have the most fabulous charisma one could ever expect; it’s a kind of a mixture of Daniel Craig, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Julia Robert, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo De Caprio, & others.

Image result for ben affleck with daniel craig

A group of elite businessmen and Air Force bodies: active and veterans.

The main character, who is a young billionaire is the most fascinating charming personality you’d ever seen. You’d love to know more about him, and you’d be curious about his life. You’d never have enough watching him with his amazingly natural responses to anything said, or unsaid in the funniest yet serious way possible. So quick & so smart!

Where’s the new?   He is! And everything around him including his friends.

It’s all about that one night when that billionaire spent an incredibly large amount of money just for the sake of having fun, in the Presidential suite of the most famous hotel downtown SF.

He could have bought a whole hotel with that kind of money he put in one night for a huge party like that.

It was all about the celebrities he invited, the dinner served, the security guards brought, the drinks, the investors, the ladies attended, the cake, the list, the comedian who performed a hilarious act, and the band that played the whole night.

What a night!

There was no sleep that night, not coz they were smoking weeds, or sniffing narcs, no unethical behaviors at all, it was completely something else.

Only few people knew about it, and I was one of them coz I was there!

You know how you can reach me if you’re interested in knowing more. Love, hugs, and kisses ❤

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