Acting angry out of jealousy only indicates irrational thinking and insecure nature! Just ignore whoever does that! 😉 Good Day friends from the US, Romania, Switzerland, India, and Panama 😉

When the robber entered to the bank around 2 pm, I was one of the tellers in that bank that day. The guy handed a note to a teller demanding money. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t motion anything. He just passed the note under a bandit barrier  making a threat of a weapon written on that note.

The teller was a high school girl, and we were well-trained in handling situations like that. We were supposed to hand the money which included a lead that would enable the police later on to catch up the doer.SophieRobbed

The robber was given an undisclosed amount of cash and he fled the bank in a vehicle that was waiting for him. There was another person involved, driving that car and kept it running until the robber came up from the bank, jumped into the vehicle and they left instantly.

No weapon was used and no one was injured during the robbery.

Fingerprints left at the scene led investigators to the robber, who was serving time at a halfway home in Garden Grove for a violation stemming from an earlier conviction for bank robbery.

Although that robbery took place many years ago, yet I still remember how many people reacted that day. I was at the lunch room in my break. While I was heading out of that room going towards the tellers counter, the light on the top of the room started flashing red. Another teller noticed that and said we better go back to the break-room, and we did. There was a camera inside that room that showed us what was going on outside.

There was other cameras outside, recording the whole incident. The bank was immediately closed after the robber went out of the building. The police was called, and we were not allowed to leave until the police got in to talk to us if needed.

Since I was never at a similar situation before, I mostly watched what was going on. I was thankful that nobody got hurt, and that it was peaceful robbery. Others were asking why he did that. He didn’t look like a bad guy, as they said.

When I think now about the features of a good guy or a bad guy as they claimed that there was one, I think that there was no such a thing. 

What do you think?  A paper was written about the criminals’ features where it was assumed that one could infer if a person was a criminal or not by examining the measurements of the features of a specific person. More……

May be it is true or may be not. It’s hard to tell nowadays these matters.

Until we talk again, stay with us with our topics, and with our hugs and kisses


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