Face It!

Face it, deal with it, never give your back to it, but let’s first say hello to our new friends and readers, who are waiting impatiently for our new post, most probably to get inspired. Thank you dear fellows from the US, Australia, India, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, n Argentina šŸ˜‰

Most students have difficulty in one or more subjects during attending the different levels of their schools. The difficulty may stem from some personal friction between the student and the teacher of that course, or from the subject matter itself, and the no-interest of the student in it.

Neither reasons were applicable to my case though. For in high school, I had some struggle with statistics. Every time I sat down to study stats or do homework, it seemed like hieroglyphic characters to my eyes. I knew that it was mostly numbers, expressions, and symbols rather than letters, but I chose that subject coz I liked Math, and I thought that being good in Math would make Statistics more enjoyable.

However, although I was good in Math, I couldn’t handle solving the stats problems for some reason. Then I thought I should talk to my teacher about that, which I did. She explained few rules to me, but still I was in doubt about she described I didn’t clearly understood what she said.

After a lot of thinking, it occurred to me that it could be the way the teacher was explaining that materials. Probably I was not used to her way, to her instructions, so, I talked to a neighbor who was known to be brilliant in Math and Stats. He thankfully assigned two times a week for me in his schedule, to sit with him and show him the parts of the book that I found hard to understand.

Surprisingly enough, Ā in few weeks, I became one of the stars in stats in my class. I started digestingĀ all the problems, and started solving them. Challenging myself, with my other classmates, I began offering my help for anyone who had the same situation I had before. From there I got better grades, and I passed the final exam which was a miracle at that time.Ā Thanks to my smart neighbor!

Until we chat some more, here’s our hugs, love, n kisses ā¤


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