Dearest writers, readers, n friends, it’s fantastic to have you all here with us. Having comments from you would be more than fantastic! šŸ˜‰ Why is the number 5 important? As you can see,Ā 5 is importantĀ in our base 10 system because of the helpful, beneficial patterns it yields. Another way to view whyĀ 5 is importantĀ is … More 5!

Math Or Myth?

Indeed, we appreciate your visits. Keep coming back toĀ our new pages dear friends and readers from the US,Ā Indonesia, India, Mexico, Netherlands, turkey, Brazil, France, Australia, n the UK šŸ˜‰ There is always that claim that Math is more important than other school subjects. I’m not sure where this myth came from, but I assure you … More Math Or Myth?

Face It!

Face it, deal with it, never give your back to it, but let’s first say hello to our new friends and readers, who are waiting impatiently for our new post, most probably to get inspired. Thank you dear fellows from the US, Australia, India, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, n Argentina šŸ˜‰ Most students have difficulty in … More Face It!

In Love!

“You must be a Math teacher,” he said. “Not really,” I answered. Let me tell you why he said that, but first let’s welcome our dear guests from everywhere; especially from the US, India, Singapore, the UK, n Sweden šŸ˜‰ Yesterday, if you read the story of “A Hunchback?“, I would like to add that, … More In Love!