In Love!

“You must be a Math teacher,” he said. “Not really,” I answered. Let me tell you why he said that, but first let’s welcome our dear guests from everywhere; especially from the US, India, Singapore, the UK, n Sweden 😉

Yesterday, if you read the story of “A Hunchback?“, I would like to add that, for some reason, I felt that the poor woman, who baked a loaf for any someone every day, just for the sake of helping hungry people,(this is in my own opinion)could never turn into a devil (180º), who put poison in the loaf of bread, only because that hunchback did not express any gratitude for her. No matter how irritated she was, she would might think of too many different way to get back to that ungrateful indigent, but not to that extreme of having poison.

Probably the exaggeration was meant to have a fatal effect on the life of her son, and that was why poison’s idea was given. We welcome any critique and discussion, if you have any.

As for being a Math teacher or not, it started when I was standing in a line, in one of the prestigious stores for fabrics, when a young man with his wife and two little kids in a pushing chair approached me, asking if I could help. 

20161126_150842.jpgThe husband showed me a paper in his hand, where there were a number of drawings similar to various sizes of boxes, or that what I thought. I answered: “Sure, how can I help?” He said: “I’d like to know how many yards I would need to buy for these cushions.”

There were some measurements in inches for the sides and the heights. I stepped aside, getting to the nearest counter in the store, where they had small pieces of papers and small pencils. I did the calculations for him, and you wouldn’t imagine how excited he was. I felt that he was almost jumping up from the floor, saying: “You must be a Math teacher, thank you thank you.” I said: “I’m not, but I’d accept your recommendation for me to be one, haha”. 😆


It was a simple incident, but it made me feel so good.

This is life! This is how people might get excited over the littlest possible things, and be happy for them.

Probably we could take a short break, and when we come back, we’ll talk more, but may be about  being in love.

Until then check on our previous topics, hunt for the treasure, with our hugs & kisses ❤

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