Zelda Denied?

You always bring up the best in us; it’s true, and that is why you would find the new inspiring igniting sparkle here. First, let’s say welcome to our new readers and friends from the Us, Russia, Romania, n Slovenia 😉

Thinking about unusual situations that had happened in our lives, our team and I were talking and sharing funny incidents. Jazzy recalled that she had two close friends, one of them she was her best friend named Nahi, and the other was Zelda, who joined them later on.

Jazzy said: “Nahi and I were doing everything together: going to school, disco, club, picnic, and my boyfriend was the friend of her boyfriend too. She used to come and sleep over with me, study together, eat, listen to music, play cards, smoke secretly, until one day I broke up with my boyfriend, and Zelda came into the picture, and I wanted to be away from my boyfriend, so sometimes I had to avoid Nahi.”

Zelda took the place of Nahi, but not exactly, coz I had a long history with Nahi. I never told Nahi that I was unfriending her or anything like that. I just tried to keep away a bit, until one day Nahi saw Zelda in another friend’s house, and she heard her talking badly about me”. Jazzy stopped and her eyes were filled with tears, coz she said she was very helpful to that second girl- Zelda.

Nahi didn’t like what she heard from Zelda who pretended to be a good friend for Jazzy, and once she knew that Zelda was in her way to Jazzy’s place, she drove her car quickly, and went to have a confrontation with that double-faced girl. She openly repeated all the bad-mouthing that Zelda said.

When Zelda denied, and accused Nahi that it was her who said that, Nahi at once slapped Zelda on her face with an open hand, which was a shock to Jazzy.Image result for girls-fighting

Slapped her on her face”, Joe rolled his eyes right and left. 🙄 Jazzy continued: “Yes, she did that very severely to the extent that her fingers were drawn on Zelda’s face, but we separated them, I was on one side, and my mom was on the other side grabbing Zelda away,” she replied to him.

Jazzy tried to clam down both of them. She never expected to have two girls fighting over her friendship. The concept was totally new to her, and she couldn’t even understand why it happened.

“Nahi was smaller in size than Zelda, and that was also a reason to be more astonished. I mean you would never except that the little one attacks the big one physically-speaking,” Jazzy added.

It was a fast reaction and Nahi left right after revealing the bad nature of Zelda.

Jazzy, instead of being mad at Zelda, she felt guilty or at least that she was the cause of Zelda to be slapped on her face. “It was weird. It was all weird, right?”, Jazzy asked as if she was talking to herself not to us. We all looked speechless at Jazzy, we couldn’t say much.

Things happen in our lives: some of them leave deeper traces than others, and time wouldn’t completely erase them. We analyze any past situations and we try to avoid the bad ones, and to welcome the nice ones one more time. 

Yes, certainly one more time in our lives, we wish to have nice things to be repeated, but they never did 🙄 I wonder what kind of funny incidents you have?!

Until we talk again, stay around with our long list of great topics, with our love, kisses, n hugs ❤

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