Soon Solar Computers!

Hello everyone! You are here, and I am here with you. Thank you for being eager readers like always. Welcome friends from the US, India, Egypt, Philippines, Spain, Australia, Uganda, the UK, Croatia, Tunisia, n Kenya 😉

We talked about computers yesterday, but one of my co-workers initiated an argument about the kinds of computers in the market right now.  George claimed that some companies do not want to encourage people to buy solar computers, because it could affect their profits negatively, and it could cause changes in other areas too.

Canadian firm WeWi Telecommunications has created the SOL laptop, pictured, that can be charged using solar energy

That was quite interesting subject to talk about. I asked two of my team to make some research about solar computers, and to my surprise, they came up to me almost empty handed. 

When I asked about the reason, the answer was that very few talked about solar computers, except some foreign companies which produced those computers, and zpromoted them, but not in the States, but in Russia. That made it even more interesting to me.

Why solar computers are not in our markets? What very little are sold even online, except from international resources? Too many questions were raised without a direct answer found.

Initially when George started commenting on the positive and negative sides of computers, I thought of getting to know the pros and the cons of solar computers. That was my intention, but then when we found out the trend of not talking about them, we tried to dig deeper into our dear media sources. 

In fact, solar computers could act as “Plan B” in case of any failure on the part of the regular electric computers. This is a big value in itself. 💡

Struggling to find a plug when your laptop battery is dying could soon be a Image result for on the back of the lap top there is solar panelsthing of the past thanks to a computer that can be charged using sunshine.

Canadian firm WeWi Telecommunications has fitted a laptop lid with solar panels that can be unfolded and used to charge the device by harnessing power from the Sun.Read more:
WeWi is not the first company to build solar-power into a product. 
The BigBelly Solar bin is currently being trialled in London and harvests energy from the Sun.

That was the only source we found online for solar computers manufacturers, none in the US though 😦 🙄 😥

What a plight? What is going on with the American manufacturing? This not our subject Sophie, George told me. OK, we’ll talk about it later on.

Keep checking up on our other special topics, it will take you somewhere else. I’m certain of that dear 1Zumba friends 😉

Love you all, hugs & kisses ❤

. Solar charging of Computers.

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