Cloning What?

It’s a world full of secrets, but not for everyone! Dear friends and readers, welcome to our page. It’s always a pleasure to talk to all of you, especially to our folks from the US, Brazil, Canada, Serbia, Algeria, and Hungary 😉

It’s a world of cloning which has been going on for years but not too many of us are interested in it, although it’s potential profits are huge!

What is Cloning?

Cloning involves transferring a DNA fragment from a cell in one organism to a genetic element in another that is capable of self-replication. 

Why there could be some benefit for us from cloning?

As this self-replicating element multiplies, the original DNA fragment is reproduced, allowing scientists to use it for research.

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How many kinds of cloning exist?

There are three types of cloning: 
1- Reproductive cloning.
2- DNA cloning (Gene cloning).
3- Therapeutic cloning.

Is there any live clone now?

Hitherto, there is none, but in the year 2008 the first five mature human embryos were produced by scientists.

In 1996, Dolly, the sheep was cloned. Since that time, the cloning has tremendously progressed to include things you would never think of, but where are we from all of this?

We only pay attention if we heard about celebrities cloning!

. On-going work on Cloning.
. All about Cloning.

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