Movies Sick!

Can anything gets easy?! 😉 Thanks for coming back friends from the US, Russia, Brazil, the UK, Serbia, and Japan 😉

Movies, as you all know, have become an important part of our lives. In addition to entertainment, we depend on many of them in comparing between reality and imagination.Matt

In fact, some people imitate certain characters that they like, and they want to be that person to a degree of craziness under certain circumstances.

Do you like to watch movies as a critic? In other words, do you like to watch a movie to evaluate it or assess it if it was successful or failure? Coz this is what the movie critics do. 

Sarah and Latycia told Larkansee that she should watch action movies and stay away from horror movie, coz it is not good to watch horror before going to bed. I think that there is some truth in this. I read one time that anything you watch right before your sleep could affect your sleep and your dreams as well. After dinner, Sarah brought us a movie called:Image result “Love Sick”!

It was 2014 movie, Matt Leblanc was the main actor, and the female was Ali Larter.

It is a family movie, and we recommend it. It’s simple, relaxing, and talked about jealousy as a mental disorder, not as the social jealousy we know. It is interesting and new in its idea.

Our rating is: Stars We recommend it for you and your family. Enjoy your weekend!

Until we talk again about more movies, click on our topics and get your inspiration with our hugs and kisses

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