Flash of Genius

Hello dear friends and readers. Welcome to our new readers from the US, India, Germany, Canada, & Australia 😉

There has been a lot of talk about Netflix lately, and I dared to venture there yesterday. There was some few additions for recent movies. 

The first one I tried, it had horrible scene where a tsunami attacked a hotel on the Image result for greg kinnearbeach and all families ended either dead or in the hospital in a critical physical condition.  Of course, I turn it off 😛

The second one was “The Ghost Writer”, but I saw it before in theater when it first came out, so I thought I needed something new, nothing that I watched before. Then, I found that movie. 🙄

Wow! It was new and one of my favorite actors “Greg Kinnear“,  real story, and a huge challenge for one of the families on the East Coast.

I’m glad that it ended up that I viewed that drama movie, which is full of too many     concepts, emotions, real-life situations, logical reactions of normal people. It was done in an excellent way.

greg-kinnear-little-menIts glee came from the actors who played their roles in a realistic way, without exaggeration, even the kids were phenomenal as if they were born actors.

Later on, I found out Greg Kinnear TIFF 2012.jpgthat it was a 2008 movie, not new, not in the sense that it was recently produced, but coz it was my first time I watching it.

It talked about a professor who created an invention, and one of the largest car companies stole it from him. Because of their power and influence they played him for years, but with his insistence and sacrifice, he was able to stand against them, and to win his case.

The irony was that after winning all that money in millions, you ‘ve got to ask yourself, was it worth it? For almost 20 years, he forgot all about his personal life, he lost his family, coz they moved out when they found him totally and completely dedicated to that case. He was not able to watch his own kids Related imagegrowing up, and  Oh boy, he had six of them.

You would admire his persistence, and resistance to accept the millions they offered him, but without admitting that it was his invention, in the meantime,  you’ve got to be made out of stones, in order to be able to stay away from your kids all these years, just to prove your point. However, it was more than that, it was about a principle: “No right would be wasted so long as its owner would keep asking for it.”

That was great in itself, and a real “Touch of a Genius”.

Talk to you soon again. With our love, hugs, & kisses, until we meet again ❤

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