Your Food Preference!

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BerrylookSome people like to eat an attractive dish. In other words, how their plate is set up is the most important thing for them. They eat first with their eyes, then decide if they would go for it or not.

You’d be surprised to know that it is a high percentage of people. Therefore, some people would refuse even to try a meal the way they see it uneatable.


For example, this dish might seem to be appealing for you or it might not:

In other words, while you may like what you see, others can refuse to touch it or even consider it for a meal at all.

Helen reminded me that we once published an article about people who eat insects.

Understanding eating habits and preference in tastes is hard to do. Normally, you SophieTryFoodwill look for food to eat when you are hungry, so is drinking water when you feel thirsty. But how about if you’ve just eaten and then felt hungry, what would that mean?

It means that there is some kind of irregular factor affecting your appetite. It could be due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. You didn’t eat enough. You’ve just have a good appetite.
  2. You have some eating disorder.
  3. You are pregnant (craving certain food).
  4. You are under stress or emotional pressure.
  5. Your hormones are showing some irregularity.
  6. You are dehydrated.
  7. You are bored.

Other than that, there is also external factors. Life is full of surprises. For example, you were invited to a birthday party and you couldn’t resist the ice-cream cake. Or you smelled some grills and you couldn’t not to try a piece of that dark hot beef!

Food is one of the things that you should enjoy, but you do not have this luxury most of the time, coz life needs you sometimes to move fast. You see what I mean?! However, there will be always one preferred dish/food for you.  You might not even think about it at all. You just buy it and eat it automatically. Your preferred food could be healthy. For instance if you liked eating nuts or turkey 🙄

Lovely WholesaleSome habits like that are harmful because you can get used to junk food, which can harm your health. It’s OK to try chips from time to time, but not on a daily basis. The same goes for sweets and chocolate

Admittedly, there is still a lot to say about your food preference, and particularly what food say about you.

Keep on your good appetite with good and healthy food, and until we talk again, take more time with our topics,  hugs, and kissesQatar Airways Worthy Lovely Wholesale


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