People’s Concerns!

Stop alienating people! 😉 Thanks for being back to your posts, friends from everywhere: the US, India, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Indonesia, and all! 😉

What is going on in TX? Was it really the storm that caused the shut-off power and the water services as well? Good Media, go find out the truth for the People who died.

There is a number of issues that are not resolved yet in your country and instead of addressing these issues, you find the House is living in another world of probes and ridiculous investigations wasting the money that could help the people solve their housing problems or their unemployment concerns or meeting their financial obligations.

See the source imageInstead of seeking solutions, the House does not pay attention to threats of war drones or monopolies of big tech coz its only never ending target is to lessen Trump’s popularity. 

You need to bring them back to their senses by speaking out coz everyone in this country is in dangerous situation if the House focus kept being irrelevant to People’s concerns. How about the deficit? It’s nobody’s concern, is it?-

Until we chat again, keep following up with the major issues that should be solved, with our hugs and kisses

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