Married to The US!

OOh! Dearest friends and readers, we’ve missed you a lot. 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Philippines, Argentina, Slovenia, Slovenia, Colombia, Indonesia, Romania, Italy, Singapore, Spain, Poland, Hungary, India, Germany, Nepal, Turkey, Netherlands, India, Mexico, Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Egypt! 😉

It’s getting very interesting with this new cute class of students. It’s not a young group this time, it’s full of seniors who know a lot about life. Although I was not the teacher in that class, but I had a chance to chat a lot with many of those lovely people who came from different backgrounds and experiences.

How striking it was to see people who use their logic in getting out the right picture of all the events going around them. Talking to others is good when you are heard but you listen at the same time. When you take turns it’s so much enjoyable. Your words make sense to others, and others’ words make sense to you.

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I was so eager to hear how others see Trump after all that none-sense he was exposed to by ungrateful sick people or media enemies. Here’s what I got down to so far:

How do you see Trump, I wonder? 
Image result for trumpA lucky guy with all the love that he’s getting from people.

Yes of course, but truly he earned it. During his campaign he promised and he delivered, and that was the part that I doubted, and he proved me wrong. You see too many people sometimes just repeat what they hear without thinking just like parrots. Even in broadcasting, one channel repeats what other channels say not thinking if that was true or not, just for the sake of catching up with the rest of the media, but they are spreading wrong info while they keep repeating what others say without examining the facts or trying to make an effort in finding the truth, and I know they wouldn’t find it, coz there is no more truth in our world now to understand Everyone has her own explanation of things and agreement on one thing has become not as easy as it used to be. The man is a castle. I really admire him for he’s married now to the whole US.

That gentleman was may be in his 60s and he was smiling while talking as if he was enjoying that he had a chance to talk to someone. And then he approached my ear saying: “in this group it’s safe to talk for there’s only one from the other blabla“, winking with his eye.Image result for trump

I smiled and I understood what he was saying for now there is too many dislikes for people who have friendly talk about Trump, and some teachers have their classes canceled for being on the side of Trump. S O it is no longer a harassment only for the students but also for the teachers who see some good qualities in Trump, which is sad.

Trump is the saver of this country with all the unique qualities he has, but you’d be surprised that there’s still some people who don’t see it, being under the influence of the rumors and whispers the Dems promote to win.

Dirty play has consequences. One day I hope that they would pay for all the damages that they burden this generation with seeking their own personal gains.

Until we chat again, comment when you have a moment, send your suggestions, go through our updated topics list, and live our stories getting your real inspiration, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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