Illusions or Delusional?

Fabulous friends from the US, Ethiopia, Czech Republic, France, Kenya, Poland, Cameroon, Mexico, the UK, India, Qatar, Finland, Romania, Australia, Uzbekistan, Taiwan!

One attendant in  the Congress said that she only saw the abuse of power in the Congress not anywhere else. 

In this case, you should take care of that abuse in the Congress immediately before someone else would force yo to do so.


It’s enough that you wasted our money in running hoax investigation for two years. Very big paychecks kept getting paid for two whole years. Who paid for that? The People, not you. You created and fabricated a story, spreading rumors about Russia and your President. You were proved wrong, and you lost your credibility. Surprisingly, you still have the guts to speak again, and to start a new illusion to spend more money. It’s incredible!

Until we chat again, the People are watching you, the People are smart, and will never believe your illusions or lies again. Expect more dearest friends  with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel


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