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“What is wrong with people?”, Alejandra asked.

“There are rules you need to follow if you like to enter. You need to enter through a legal entrance. What’s so hard to understand in this???” she continued.

Bob agreed: “You should be able to defend and secure yourself  and your family, before trying to help others secure themselves. If you’re not strong enough to handle this, it would be like a joke to lead other on this.”IGXO Cosmetics

border wall map full border

The walls are real. It’s time for you to realize the importance of completing these walls. It’s time to celebrate having such an enormous achievement.

                                    AZ BordersAZ Borders2

The wall  is costly, yes, but it’s not compared to all the gains behind its purpose. Everything in life now is costly, why would you be hesitant to pay for your own security while you’re paying more in supporting alien countries? It doesn’t make sense at all to deny yourself (and your family) a home safety and protection while you’re spending like maniac to give other foreign countries to protect themselves.

Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.Your The walls are not a new project which many people do not know. So it is new for borders that didn’t have any walls at tall, and  renovating the ones that were useless at some spots.In the meantime completing the walls that were build and not completed yet for some reason or lack of funding.AZ Borders3Your brave youth are helping every step of the way to protect you. Be brave as they are and encourage them with appropriate funding and sentimental motivation. Show appreciation and gratitude. You need them all the time.

Until we talk again, keep spreading the word for the urgency of being strong and secured with our hugs and kisses ❤




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