Trumpian Generation!

Hello and welcome dear friends and readers from everywhere: the US, South Africa, Romania, Thailand, the UK, Germany, Colombia, Australia, Philippines, Greece, Pakistan, and India! 😉

Talking today to my smart students, we had a splendid discussion. It turned out that my smart students follow up many part of the news, analyze it, sieve it, and agree or disagree with whatever said.

They no longer accept everything that has been said or shown on the screen as is any more. 

Tiara mentioned the battle that has started for the journey of election 2020, and how every candidate is trying hard to prove that s/he is the best for presidency.

Mike and Dylan opened the subject of the dislike and the animosity that have been manufactured by some members against the President. Mike said: “How could someone dislike a person whom he didn’t meet or talk to fact to face or not even over the phone?”11Alberto “It comes from the wrong sources, the enemies, the jealous friends or acquaintance”. Polly added: “It can also arise out of disagreement on certain principles or methods.”

Dylan interrupted: “But when that person is a top-star, not a movie-star, a person who is full of energy, a person who can bring back to you and to all of us a prosperity that you didn’t expect at all, what’s wrong with that? In the Eastern States, the gas prices are under $2:00 while here we suffer almost $4:00 at least. If you calculate the pay for a median income family, you’d find that they are in debt every month or they live month to month like us, me my family I mean.”

Ranja smirking: “Yes, it is true. Trump is trying to do something good for us. I could see that. W are in a mess here. The borders walls are great idea but in class one of our teachers was trying to influence our opinions about him saying that he had gambling casinos and that he made bad things.”Share your unique link, both you and your friends get usd 30 off for your next booking.Alberto said: “If it was in the past, it’s past. The past is past. We shouldn’t be talking about dead history, I think we should look forward for the future. We should encourage the welfare and prosperity of our families, and not to just dislike the man for the sake of making someone else happy. It shouldn’t be this way. 

In conclusion, they all agree that they need to educate themselves more about Trump, in order to be able to argue or disagree with whoever would try to raise doubts about his good intentions. I was a listener and I enjoyed having a new Trumpian generation!

Until we chat again, stick to our igniting posts and engage with your comments; and always with our hugs an kisses ❤



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