The Real Winner!

Hello and welcome back everyone from everywhere: the US, Germany, Canada, the UK, India, Czech Republic, Romania, Italy, Turkey, and Mexico! 😉

Our intention was to write about a reform in the educational system that needs to take place, due to the stunning failure of the present one (CA specifically- not sure about the situation in all other states, but the majority complains). 

The first fundamental failing point is that your education system do not conform with the job market. A student graduated from the English language department to teach English ends up selling ice-cream in a side-walk shop.

USA Car Record






It doesn’t matter the reasons but it’s a recurrent situation for most of the college graduates. In reality, the graduates want to pay their debts and they want to earn some living to start an independent life, which is mostly very hard to do unless you live with your parents. The Fed have very high interest rates on the students’ loans.

The second major failing point is that your education system is full of bias. Compassion, care, and love are disregarded or not considered at all which create challenges for your new generation  students when dealing with other issues in real life.

The third point is being monitored in your thoughts, your activities, your ideas, not having a breathing spot for creativity. It’s not typically the right atmosphere for invention.

How would you explain for your student the disappearance of a photo related to one link on your website, if you, yourself, don’t know who did that or why it was done in the first place.

The fourth important reason for failing is that teachers  as well as students are both overwhelmed. There’s all kinds of bureaucracy and administration procedures that can be totally omitted to facilitate communication. This situation pushed the majority to be negligent or losing interest in their jobs.WinnerSophie

Few moments ago, you heard with us our President Trump saying that:

“I’m loyal to you- The American People”, “You’re going to be wealthy, safe, and  great again.”

It’s a promise he made publicly recorded and he delivered before, and he will deliver again soon.

Your hope is refreshed again for better conditions not only on your borders but also in your schools and your housing. You trust him to do a lot to your state and to your country, so push him forward, and make him win, coz you’ll be eventually the real winner!

Until we chat again, if you missed the speech, click here, keep following up with our posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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