Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Sweden, Canada, Poland, the UK, India, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Peru, Romania, Italy, and Czech Republic! 😉

Since we’re having schools Spring break  now, my students suggested a get-together outside the Campus in one sunny day!

Fine! Great! What do you expect? I guess just talking. Having a snack, a little bit of chat, smelling the fresh air, being at ease with everyone, or catching a laugh, which is truly nice for a change.

Usually, we don’t have an agenda for the subjects we’ll talk about in a casual meeting like this, and as a teacher, you want to encourage your students to speak up their minds, and to give a chance for discussions, even if it was a talk on a previous matter, it’s still worth it to hear how they see things, how they feel, and what new ideas they can add to your store.

After talking about the weather, the food, and the homework, Manuel brought up the “New Deal”  and Trump’s speech that took place yesterday. Well! It was a button for bees to come out where everyone of the 7 students started shooting their honey.

Amazingly, how each one sees things. Joshua has his focus on antibias principles. It was a good point to talk about, since many of Trump’s followers are not necessarily Christians, but Avni said that it was noticed that Trump showed a bit of interest in inserting instances of religion preferences.SophieSpringBreak

Since Trump is Evangelical, Leo mentioned that only few considered it normal to default to his faith, “but since he is now representing all US religions and creeds (which he said it himself yesterday- I will represent you ALL) so he ought to consider not to promote one faith over the other” Mariana yelled out. Hailey L. added: “Yes, He is expected to be just and the best example of all.”

It was important point to raise. Another chat was about one of our last posts talking about education reform, and that the best solution was having kids qualify for a life USA Car Recordtime commitment; meaning: if the teacher/parents/guardian found out a natural talent with the student to be a scientist, a painter, or a physician, the student should be directed to a specialized school since early age towards that field.

This is to be further discussed in one of our coming articles since my students and my colleagues had a lot to say about it.

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“Educators mostly agree on not bringing politics or religion into the classroom”,  McCoy said “which is not a bad policy avoiding conflicts and respecting each other’s freedom of faith. This principle represents the whole US pillars. Outside the classes, it’s another story but moderation is the best.”

Let us know your take on this, we welcome your insights and engagement. It’s you who bring us inspiration and love!

Until we chat again, stick to us the way we stick to you, together we’d inspire each other in a beautiful way, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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