To Mr. T.!

For every woman and every man who join us, you’re welcome here any time! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Russia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Philippines, South Africa, Singapore, France, and India! 😉

. Who is stripping you off your freewill?
Gigantic companies/entities!Geekstore
. How?
If you try to connect to a service online, a message would appear to you: “we’re using cookies in this website, got it?” The button of “Got it”, you have to press in order to get your service; otherwise, you’re denied to get any service. You are no longer asked if you agree or not on having cookies dumped into your computer. It’s a condition, without your approval, you’d not be allowed to use that site.Qatar AirwaysColtorti BoutiqueWhere’s the legislation and the law to control these companies? How come that they are allowed to play chess with your rights?

Your rights as a US citizen are stolen from you a bit by bit. Even by the people who are supposed to protect you, and to keep your best interest in mind.sophieonlinemrpresidentYou are deceived, manipulated, and forced to agree on terms and conditions you don’t want, you can’t read, or understand. Who can correct this Mr. President? The Congress which doesn’t care for building a safety wall? Or the Law which has holes in its body?

Shop stylish women's clothing by gimmicks at!GeekstoreT-Mobile would answer your call immediately, but, pay attention to this: “We care for you and that is why we record your call.”
In the past, it  used to be: “if you don’t agree that your call is to be recorded pls ask the rep not to record it.” Who gave them the right to cancel your rights?!!

Today Tim’s message to Mr. US President, Mr. T  is:
“Thank you Mr. President for carrying this burden, but where’s the Congress from the online gigantic companies? Isn’t it unethical to leave these companies denying the US people their rights?”

Until we talk more, get into your new inspiration right away. Hold tightly to your pen, lining in-between our updated topics with our hugs and kisses ❤Remix by Rock Revival at Buckle!

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