Real Comedy!

Remember how it felt to be loved! 😉 Welcome back special friends from the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, India, Mexico, Australia, Italy, and Sri Lanka! 😉

When someone ask you “Are you happy?”, would this indicate that that person is miserable? You have many questions to answer, and no matter what you learn, there is still more.

Well, let’s see this comedy first. If you haven’t watched that movie, you ought to; it’s hilarious, full of smiles and laughs, and most of all it’s a real clean entertainment for a family.

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When small-time director Bobby Bowfinger (Martin) asks Hollywood’s hottest agent to give his latest movie a shot, the answer is yes – provided he can sign action star Kit Ramsey (Murphy) in the lead. For the opportunistic Bowfinger, the small matter of Ramsey turning down the script (a dismal sci-fi horror epic entitled Chubby Rain) doesn’t pose a problem. Hiring Kit lookalike Jiff (Murphy, in a dual role), a nerd who couldn’t punch his way through . . . .

sophiebowfingerThe movie was released in 1999, and until this day, some give it 5 stars while others give it 4, but it is one of the movies that you can see over and over again, and every time you watch it, you’d get more laughs out of it. How does this happen, I have no idea, just figure it out yourself.
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