“A Funny Thing …”

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We had to choose between two subjects: a book and an argument.

What does it mean to love or not to love the red color? It is said to be an indication of a cheerful and optimistic personality if one loves it. Also, many people are convinced that the lovers of the red color are leaders, brave, truthful, daring, achievers, self-confident, but sometimes bold.

M ApI remember when I was in high school, our French teacher, Madame Apicélla, used to wear a red coat, which we, students, admired a lot. She was petite, well-organized, and respectful teacher.

She had a very special way in handling her class: a combination of love, care, respect, hospitality, appreciation, and motivation; all intertwined in one thread. Madame Apicélla had a kind of all built-in super qualities or that was how we felt about her. More

The book that we were asked to demonstrate some of its photos is called ““A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to School …”” we referred to it before, and apparently it was not available for some countries, so Lydia took some shots to show you what we were talking about.sophiefunnythingbooksophiefunnythingbook2sophiefunnythingbook3sophiefunnythingbook4sophiefunnythingbook5

Until we talk again, you’d be really interested in having this kind of books available to your children, to build up their imagination, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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