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Love you all my dear friends and readers. Thank you for reading our articles; I hope you enjoy’m. My special thanks today go to my new readers in the US, Denmark, the UK, Israel, Canada, Spain, Norway, Bolivia, Germany, Trinidad & Tobago, French Guiana, Albania, and Ireland 😉

I had to choose between two subjects to post one of them to you today, since both were suggested at the same time and the same day.

If you choose the second option, I would refer you to this link, since it has most of the info about “Virtual Zumba”, we will talk about in one of our future articles!z

As for my preference or today’s post, first I would say this: what does it mean to love or not to love the red color? It is said to be an indication of a cheerful and optimistic personality if one loves it. Also, many people are convinced that the lovers of the red color are leaders, brave, truthful, daring, achievers, self-confident, but sometimes bold.

M ApI remember when I was in high school, our French teacher, Madame Apicélla, used to wear a red coat, which we, students, admired a lot. She was petite, well-organized, and respectful teacher.

She had a very special way in handling us: a combination of love, care, respect, hospitality, appreciation, and motivation; all intertwined in one thread. Madame Apicélla had a kind of all built-in super qualities or that was how we felt about her.

We never had any misunderstanding with her, not even a tiny one, coz she was clear in her instructions, identifying what she was expecting from us, and what we should expect from her. She made it clear from the very beginning in her class how the deal would be.

Why am I saying this? Oh! Yes, coz new 1Zumba instructors are teachers; therefore, they try  to deliver clearly their instructions (of course there is no educational materials) to the best satisfaction of their classes. My friend 1Zumba instructor, Michael, told me he had hard time making his instructions understandable to his classes, so we made a search online and found that  link. For him, as being new to that job,  online articles were extremely helpful. 

cotGoing back to the red color, it also reminds me of my first coat, when I was a kid. It was very special red coat with wide collar, heavy yet soft woolen fabric, two rows of buttons, and went down to my knees. It kept me quite warm.

You see how colors can bring back to us certain nice memories, and  sometimes it’s the opposite. 🙄

Here, I’m talking about the original genuine red color, not any of its degrees. For many individuals, red is associated with signs of danger or prohibited actions. When you see a red flag; it means that this area could have some hazard such as volcano, hurricane, flood, etc.

According to Ana, a 1Zumba instructor, Zumba also has its red flags:

  • Working out my own workout while teaching the Zumba class.
  • Trying new formats with my class, without trying them first with myself to see if they are the right ones or not.
  • Not reading the group well, their reactions, or their hints.

Additional  red flags, as mentioned by Mina may include:

  • taking pictures of my class without asking their permission.
  • Thinking that all attendants have the same goals.“We are all on a mission to spread the happiness” A new Zin instructor said that, which is great. z1

Instructors of 1Zumba or any other physical fitness activity are teachers and humans, and that is why both sides; the attendants as well as the instructors need to be cautious when it comes to “Red”.

With our love and hugs, you would be until we talk soon again ❤


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